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Recommended for bikes needing a service, that don't have any particular issues. See more details here. 

Our basic service is perfect is a general check on your bicycle to make sure it's all in good working order.  

  • Full safety check 

  • Inspection & adjustment of brakes, gears, frame, forks, handlebars & headset

  • Tyres checked for damage and inflated to the correct pressure.

  • All bolts checked and tightened.

  • Chain lubricated

  • The fitting of new brake pads (if necessary). Parts not included.




£70 for electric bike


Our most popular service, designed to keep your bike running smoothly. Recommended if your bike is in use regularly, or you're having small problems with your gears of brakes. See more details here.

This service will get your brakes working sharply, your gears changing precisely and your whole bike performing at its peak. Includes fitting any replacement parts approved by you.



  • Drivetrain removed, cleaned and re-greased 

  • Bottom bracket checked for wear, adjusted if necessary

  • Brake calipers removed, cleaned and re-greased 

  • Wheels checked over, spokes checked for damage and tension. 

  • Forks are cleaned, seat post removed and anti seize replaced

  • Any parts approved in the quote are installed

  • If a disc brake bleed is required a £30 labour charge will be advised on the quote.




£100 for electric bike

winter 'sweet ride' service

Everything in our most popular service, the 'sweet ride' with extra attention given to ensuring your bike is ready for winter. 

See more details here.

Spread the love, not the mud! Riding without mud guards means you spray yourself and other riders.  Our winter sweet ride service makes sure your bike is  running smoothly, whilst getting it prepped for winter.

Everything included in a 'SWEET RIDE' SERVICE plus:

  • The fitting of mud guards. Parts not included.




£130 for electric bike


Recommended for a perfect ride. The real nitty gritty of the pro service can be read about here.

If you would like your bike to feel like new again then this is the service for you! We will strip it down and give every component a thorough clean. E-bike service includes software checks and updates. And includes a full brake bleed. Please see the e-bike service list for specific repairs. 

Everything included in a 'SWEET RIDE' SERVICE plus:

  • Both hubs are taken apart and bearings inspected for wear, replacements installed if necessary.

  • Bottom bracket inspected, removed and replaced/re-fitted with fresh anti seize and grease. 

  • Headset is taken apart and inspected for wear, replacement quoted if necessary

  • The bike is stripped and cleaned thoroughly

  • If a disc brake bleed is required a £30 labour charge will be advised on the quote.




£185 for electric bike

specific repairs

Our Pricing

Our calendar is booked in 15 minute slots with each slot costing £15. We work out our pricing based on how many 15 minute slots it will take. Below are some common repairs. These are guide prices. After you drop your bike off we always provide a quote, so you know exactly what you'll be paying, before the bill comes. 

15 minutes                                                                                       
Gear tune up
15 minutes                                                                                   
New gear or brake cable
15 minutes                                                                                       
Tubeless installation
30 minutes                                                                                        
Chain and cassette change
15 minutes                                                                                        
Tyre fitting 
15 minutes                                                                                        


Try one of our partner's e-bikes before buying to see whether you like the way it rides


Get peace of mind that your new bike is set up correctly



Not sure what you need?

No problem at all. Simply choose the repair or service that you think best matches your needs. That will give you a slot for our mechanics to have a look at your bike and figure out what's going on.