Marco is a passionate cyclist with 10 years of workshop experience. 

He started as motorcycle mechanic in Rome, working mainly on Japanese bikes - rebuilding, modifying, restoring, welding and painting.


Five years ago, Marco began applying his motorbike skills onto bicycles - if it has wheels, Marco is your man!

On top of being a mechanical mastermind, Marco takes world-class photos, having been a photographer for many years and is often found snapping shots of the beautiful bikes that com our way.

He's still in touch with motorbikes, he rides a Honda CBR600RR and he loves the smell of punk rock!

MARCO's Bike

Marco rides a Giant fixed gear since London is flat and busy. He's a fan of his fixed gear because the simplicity and control you get with in the pedals. Number one thing that gives him... agility! Light bikes which serve well in between traffic and obstacles are a winner in his eyes!



I took my Canyon road bike to Handlebars Monument for a service and was super impressed their passion, knowledge and quality of service.

Online booking was easy and the bike felt amazing after they’d worked on it - Marco and Lee are absolute master mechanics at the top of their game. Keep up the amazing work!

Olwyn F

Dropped by bike in for a free safety check this morning and super happy with the service. Check was done by Marco, who tightened and oiled the chain, tweaked a few screws and told me what to keep an eye on - will definitely come back when I need any repairs. Thank you very much, Marco!

Shannon A

Booked in for a free winter bike check at Handlebars in Shoreditch. Marco saw me before my appointment and did a great, quick and professional job of checking and fixing my bike. I'll definitely be visiting again, thank you!


When he's not riding, Marco creates terrariums, which keeps his creative side alive and helps to relax the stress of life and the workshop.


Check out some of his mossy creations! 


Researching the glass & plants is no small task though - so don’t be too surprised if you bump into him in the middle of a forest. Always a good opportunity to explore on his (motor)bike.