WE KEEP YOUR STAFF SAFE cycling to work

  • A great and simple employee benefit to administer

  • Helps improve employees wellbeing 

  • Minimises your company's carbon footprint

  • Aligns to your CSR policy


How It Works

Mobile setup

We come to your workplace with a full set of tools, able to assess your staff bicycles for all safety issues


Employees receive a full online quote from our mechanics for any suggested work and if they want to stick around, we'll walk them through the issues

Fixed while

you work

Employees drop the bicycle off with us in the morning & we'll do our assessments & fixes whilst they're working. No office hours missed!

you're in control

Employees can manage the whole booking from their phone, including approving work from the mechanic

UK government is aiming to double cycle use by 2025

  • Employers now have the opportunity to help facilitate this shift in commuting

  • Handlebars can ensure your staff are cycling safely through active bicycle maintenance, conveniently nearby

  • Cycling-related employee benefits are a great way for employers to showcase environmentally-friendly values

Why Should Employers Encourage Cycling?

Handlebars will help keep your employees safe on the roads, but there are heaps of wider benefits to your business by encouraging cycling. 

Happier staff
Improved Mental Wellbeing
Healthier staff
Employers SAVE MONEY on travel expenses
Easy to administer staff benefits
Lower your carbon footprint
SAVE travel TIME For employees

Benefits of Handlebars for Employees

Handlebars offer conveniently located, reliable & reasonably priced bicycle repairs. By working onsite - we help your staff avoid the hassle of having to go to a workshop. Cyclists love the convenience!

Save time going to a repair shop
Smooth online experience
Reliable quality
Stay safe On your daily commute

Want handlebars at your work?

Get in touch

We are happy to talk through how this would work as an employee benefit & will provide any data you need to build a business case for internal approval

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