We use empty spaces for bicycle repairs

​Handlebars helps local authorities get more people in their borough cycling by putting portable repair pods into empty land 

Safety is the number one barrier to people cycling

  • Accidents happen when bicycles are not well maintained

  • Injuries to local residents are extremely damaging to the community

  • Handlebars can help get residents cycling safely through active maintenance

How Handlebars Works

Portable Handlebars

Our Handlebars are fully portable - the same size as a single parking space & can be placed in any empty land. Each pod contains all the tools needed to fix bicycles

Online Booking

Cyclists find the pod via our online search, choose the repair work & date they want, then simply book

Skilled mechanics fix the bicycles

Handlebars brings skilled work onto the market, creating opportunities for a range of people 

Benefits for Local Authorities

Handlebars helps to keep residents safe on the roads, but there are heaps of wider benefits to encouraging cycling. Our work complements your Cycling Strategy

Increase number of cyclists 
Increase safety for cyclists 
Relieve congestion
UTILISE empty land
Promote healthy & active lifestyles 
Support creation of skilled jobs
Improve air quality
Help people save money on travel

Want handlebars in your borough?

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