Colin has always had a passion for taking things apart to find out how they work, whether it’s the click in the clicky top, nephews' motorised toys, or someone’s £8,000 bike.


Colin started out tinkering on bikes in his youth when he used to whizz around on a little BMX and use tools such as a hammer and chisel to knock off old parts for replacement! 


Following almost half a decade of working
professionally for companies such as Cycle Surgery and Halfords, with a lot of club cyclists and all of their club, commuting and spare bikes, he's now extremely well versed with all levels of bikes.

A word from Colin

Riding for me has always meant freedom, the freedom to explore places too far to walk, the
freedom to go anywhere I would like whether its a woodland trail or a peaceful canal path, the more off the beaten track the better for me. Never having been one for a group ride means that the occasions where I meet new people, I am often reminded of the kindness and hospitality of complete strangers. This never fails to leave me feeling refreshed and a lot more grateful for the world I live in.



Colin, spotted me with a flat after he'd closed up shop. Reopened the shop, replaced the tube and carried out a free service. Amazing value for money and a great service. Won't be going anywhere else.

Bianca A

Excellent customer service. Colin and Lee kindly explained what was wrong with the bike and how to maintain it going forward. The bike feels now like new! It just flies! Thank you, guys!

Sherif K

Great service & commitment to a quality job. Fantastic value for money. Colin & Lee did a great job.


If I’m not out on my bike, I also enjoy a nice walk, finding somewhere quiet and secluded to sit in the fresh air with a really good book. Otherwise I’ll spend time with family, always encouraging my nephew to be creative with his lego or anything else he has to build, his young mind never seizes to amaze me. I might also be mildly addicted to a good video game.