ANDRE noble

Workshop Manager

I have always loved fixing anything I could get my hands on, at school it was phones, laptops and games consoles and then I learned the importance of keeping your sturdy steed serviced the hard way. I have been working with bikes since I was 15 years old, it started after my chain snapped on a busy roundabout whilst cycling home. I was quoted an extortionate bill to repair my beloved specialized hardrock and I refused to believe it had so many things wrong with it. There wasn't! I learnt how to piece my bike back together with a lot of trial and error, I enjoyed the learning curve. And from there I began to buy used bikes to service old parts and get them working well. This sent me into a bike fixing frenzy! I started working in a bike shop at 16, then found myself repairing the highest quality bikes known to the industry by the time I was 20. It is fair to say I have had a good amount of experience with every style of bike from 'pub bike' to  'wall art' to 'weird and wonderful', or even just weird. I enjoy finding solutions to issues and exploring the serviceability and flexibility of components.

Andre's Bikes

My main bike is my Trek 920, its classed as an off road touring bike and I use it for commuting, gravel and light cross country. I find city riding is best done by cruising to each red light and stopping at them, my Trek is a  big bike the wheelbase is very long making it a super stable ride on the road it is by no means a speed demon but it is definitely a head turner and its different to any other bike I see on the city streets or on the off road tracks. I bought my bike as a complete unit, rode it around for 3 weeks and then stripped it down to change every part but the saddle, frame and forks. 




Amazing service! Just had my bike checked by Andre, I was flying on my way home! Now I feel a lot more confident on the road, highly recommend 👍🏻

Magnus M

What a slick and high quality level of service Nick, Andre and Colin provided. An absolutely painless experience. Greatly appreciated you repairing parts rather than hastily replacing them with new ones, as well as being really clear and helpful on the reasons why and what to keep an eye out for. Can't recommend highly enough. Thank you boys !

Peter M

Just been and pick up my bike from Handlebars Monument and I have to say just brilliant.
The guys (Lee, Colin and Andre) we’re so knowledgeable.
I was having my bike re-cabled and new bar tape and it looks amazing.
Great chatting with them and learning their history.
I will be going back and can’t recommend them enough.
Thanks gents


In his free time

When I am not riding my bike or fixing other peoples bikes you will find me under my old Volkswagen Polo. I love the shape of older cars and the fact that almost any part of it can be stripped and rebuilt and I am constantly learning new things whenever I get time to work on it. My car needs a lot of TLC at the moment and it will never be the fastest or the biggest car in the world, but like my bike it's different and it's my own. Other than that I enjoy the simple things in life!